Connects with ERP and accounting software

Invoice+ works with most ERP and accounting systems, including SAP, Sage, MS Dynamics, QuickBooks/QuickBooks Online, and others. Invoice+ comes with connectors to ERP and accounting solutions, as well as XML and CSV exports.

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

You have complete control of your cost - with no software or upgrade fees to worry about. Highly flexible and scalable, new users, invoice types or processes can be added any time you need it, and get access to the most up-to-date features of Invoice+.

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Intuitive and easy to use

No training required, your suppliers can scan and submit their invoices to you without the need for technical experts on-site for installation or instructions. With a personalized dashboard, your employees can now manage their tasks efficiently using intelligent routing processes, notifications and alerts.

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Processing an invoice should be as easy as making a phone call

Rapid onboarding and access from anywhere

With no software client installation required, Invoice+ is quick to implement. Our pre-configured invoice processes ensures that you can start processing your invoices from the web browser in the shortest time.

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No limit on scan stations, whether on desktop or mobile

When your customer and business volume grows, the number of scan stations will naturally increase as well. We get that, so there is no charge for additional scan stations and no client-based license fees. Your business is free to grow, without the corresponding cost increase.

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Greater accessibility with mobile document capture capabilities

With the Invoice+ mobile app, users can capture invoices using their mobile devices and upload them directly to your own invoice process automation platform for processing.

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Global but localised

With Invoice+, country-specific options and company-specific accounting rules are easily applied.

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Enhanced process visibility for increased productivity

Benefit from process visibility of each invoice with audit trail as it progresses through the scanning, submission and approval. Monitor your team's performance with the KPI feature on your personalised dashboard.

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Get notified

Notify your CFO and other key decision makers when an invoice exceeds a certain value is processed. Sends notifications automatically every time via email, or SMS based on predetermined invoice values.

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Works well with other software

Invoice+ integrates with utilities and backend systems - so it's easy for you to collaborate by posting captured invoices and invoice data to your existing task management or project management solution, or CRM or e-commerce system

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What our customers said

Allan Rees, owner of PDM, "PDM started as an SME ourselves, so providing the best possible service at affordable prices for SMEs has always been our mission. Thanks to the CumulusPro technology, we are now able to extend these services further and help our customers focus even more on their core business."

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