Frequently Asked Questions


Should I get monthly or annual subscription?

If you subscribe for the annual subscription, you can save at least 15% off the total cost when you are paying every month for a year. However, if your invoice processing needs are required only for a specific month(s), the monthly subscription model will be ideal for you.

What happens if I use up my volume for the month and I am on an annual subscription?

We will not stop processing your invoices for the month even though your monthly volume has been consumed. Your total entitlement will be based on the total annual volume. So you can choose to consume the total 12 months volume any time during the subscribed duration.

What happens if I don't use up my volume for the month and I am on an annual subscription?

If you are on an annual subscription, the unconsumed volume of the month can be carried forward to the rest of the months in the duration of your annual subscription. However, any unconsumed volume for the year will be written off when your annual subscription expired.

What happens if I use up my volume and I am on a 1-month subscription?

If your subscription is on a one off month subscription and you have consumed your monthly volume, you'll need to renew your subscription for the next month. The new subscription expiry date will be from the date of your most recent purchase. To request for a renewal, contact our sales representative directly or write us at and we'll be happy to help.

What happens to my unconsumed volume when my 1-month subscription has expired?

If your subscription is on a monthly basis and you have not consumed the entitled monthly volume when the duration of your subscription has ended, you will no longer be able to upload any more invoices into Invoice+ for data extraction and further processing. For more information, contact our sales representative directly or write us at and we'll be happy to help.

What if I change my mind?

We'll gladly refund your subscription fee made within 7 days of your invoice date, provided you have not uploaded any invoices in the duration.

To request for a refund, contact us at and we'll be happy to help.


Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, we support Paypal as a payment method, you'll receive an invoice with a Paypal Pay button.

Can I pay by bank or wire transfer?

Yes! We accept payments via bank or wire transfer. Our bank details by wire transfer are available at the bottom of your invoice. Please note that the minimum amount for a payment by bank transfer is €200.

How do I get a receipt?

If you are paying by Paypal, Paypal will automatically send you an email receipt. At the same time, you will receive an email from us where you can download the receipt from a URL link.

If you are paying in other forms of payment modes, our finance will email you a receipt once the payment is successful.

Why does my invoice say "CumulusPro AG" on it?

If your invoice indicates "CumulusPro AG", this simply indicates that you are transacting with our Switzerland entity.

Why does my Paypal receipt say "CumulusPro AG" on it?

If your paypal receipts indicates merchant as "CumulusPro AG" , this simply indicates that your account transacts with our Switzerland entity.

Does CumulusPro offer refunds? What is CumulusPro refund policy?

Yes, we can offer a refund to your paid subscription fee (minus any bank and wire transfer charges) made within 7 days of your invoice date, provided you have not uploaded any invoices in the duration. To request for a refund, contact us at and we will be happy to help.

How do I provide you my VAT number? (When applicable)

If you need your VAT number to be on your invoice, please provide the VAT number when our sales professional communicate with you. Or you have already received an invoice without a VAT number and you wished to have a new one, write to us at and we'll be happy to help.


How does automated recognition and A.I. Extraction services work in Invoice+?

Recognition and A.I. extraction services work in three steps within our cloud document processing platform:

Step 1: The system checks if the document is already in text format (for instance, a PDF with searchable text, Word, or Excel). If the document is in text format, it is sent to the extraction engine.

If the document is not in text format (for instance, TIFF or JPG), Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is performed and the image as well as the OCR results are sent to the A.I. extraction services.

Step 2: The A.I. extraction engine will attempt to identify where the relevant fields are based on the type of document. For instance, if the document is an invoice, the engine will intelligently identify invoice-related information such as invoice date, invoice number, total amount, supplier ID, and so on, based on its knowledge base.

Step 3: The extraction engine begins searching for all possible candidates in the document that match the appropriate fields that the user searches. For instance, the field "Invoice Date" is identified by the extraction engine’s A.I. algorithm that gathers all the data that resembles dates, rates them by relevance based on its knowledge base gathered from the machine learning experience.

What is "machine learning" and how does it learn?

Basically the machine learning algorithm of Invoice+ data extraction service are given "training sets" of data, then it is asked to use that data to answer a question.

For example, you might provide it with a training set of invoice images from a specific country, and it is taught "this is a where the invoice date is located" and "this is how a invoice date looked like"; and some of the teaching sets are taught; "this is not the invoice date." When new invoice images are submitted, it would begin to identify where the invoice date is located on the invoice.

Machine learning then continues to add this experience to its knowledge base. Every invoice that it identifies correctly or incorrectly, gets updated to the knowledge base. This enables the A.I. capabilities of Invoice+ to get smarter and better at completing its task over time.

How is Invoice+ extraction engine trained?

Training of the extraction rules of the system is a continuous process for us at CumulusPro. The accuracy of the auto data extraction becomes more accurate for each country as invoices are trained progressively, accelerated and fuelled by the contribution from the ecosystem of users from every country to a cloud learning knowledge base (big data).

Do Invoice details gets saved in the Cloud learning knowledge base?

No, Invoice+ machine learning algorithm analyses the "location" of key information on an invoice, and learns where to look for it. The characteristics of the information are also analysed, whether they are numeric or alpha-numeric in format. But the actual values of the information are not used for any analytical purposes and are discarded.

Does each customer get his/her own system, or do the same extraction rules apply to all customers?

Extraction rules are set up by country, as each country has specific standards for their invoices (for instance, tax rates). Therefore, all Invoice+ customers from the same country share the same extraction knowledge base.

This community system benefits:

  • our existing customers by providing more accurate extraction, more quickly. When one customer reports a bad extraction result, our system improvements are applicable to all other users in the same country as well.
  • our new customers from the same country by offering immediate access to a well-configured, well-trained system with a high extraction rate.

Can the system recognise, validate and match invoice line items?

Yes, Invoice+ is able to recognise, extract, validate as well as automatically matches individual line items with corresponding Purchase Order and DO/GRN records.

What input channels works with Invoice+?

All of our CumulusPro multi-input channel solutions like Scan+ProcessLite, Scan+Express and Mobile Document capture app can be readily added as input channels. Other input channels like direct email import, Secured FTP servers and MFP's can be added as input channels into Invoice+ as well.